How do I detect and prevent a DNS leak while utilising a VPN?

Domain Name Service (DNS) is the mapping of a domain name to an IP address, so people can remember their PC address by a domain name rather than an IP address. A DNS service is mentioned consequently when somebody enters a web address on the internet browser, so the server knows how to track down a site.

At the point when a client interfaces with the web through a home switch, the switch gets an IP address and DNS server IP addresses by means of DHCP from the web access provider (ISP). You might decide to utilise public DNS servers rather than the ones provided by your ISP by arranging your Web association physically.

What is a DNS leak?

A DNS leak is as of now a significant danger to a client's web-based protection and security since the organisation that should be mysterious is really not, consequently giving a misguided feeling of safety to the client. A DNS leak is the leak of a client's genuine IP address while associated with a VPN service. 

A DNS leak can happen in a circumstance where the client's PC is unconsciously getting the default DNS servers as opposed to the mysterious DNS servers doled out by an obscure organisation like a VPN.

Notwithstanding the elevated degree of IP obscurity and information encryption, services from different VPN networks are inclined to DNS leaks because of a few reasons that incorporate unfortunate framework. In basic words, a VPN client who accepts to utilise an unknown association is really uninformed about particular web movement and is outside the safe association.

Since DNS leaks can cause the uncovering of a client's genuine IP address, numerous VPN suppliers are incorporating anti-DNS leak highlights into their VPN programming to prevent the leak of a client's personality. To know your ip location click the link What is My IP Location and you will get the result. If facing difficulty then can connect with us via email at

How to Detect a DNS Leak

Some VPN services involve arrangements that screen DNS solicitations to guarantee that they are directed through the VPN network rather than the ISP organization. A VPN client who might be worried about the DNS leak might contact the VPN supplier and confirm on the off chance that clients are safeguarded with this component.

VPN clients are very wary about the protection and security of their web-based movements and are more worried about DNS leaks. Subsequently, clients are encouraged to confirm that the traffic starting from their PC is steered through a safe VPN network so that no observing substance can find the client's genuine IP address. Specialists likewise prescribe VPN clients to change the PC network settings to use a static IP address to guarantee that the new DNS settings are given high priority and not adjusted without implication.

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