Privacy Policy

We are quite concerned with respect to the privacy of our website and our employees and visitors and therefore take it quite seriously. The services mentioned in our site hereinafter referred to as “services”. 

By accessing and using our website we accept that you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use. If you don't agree to any of our privacy policies then please do not access our website.

Terms of use:-

  1. We accept and acquire all the information and keep it with us safe while you access our website by cookies and servers.
  2. We keep the information safe with us and promise to not to disclose any personal information revealed to us by our visitors for the purpose of using our services.
  3. We admit that like other websites our servers automatically acquire various information about you just as traffic, url and so on.
  4. We follow and comply with all the rules mentioned in Information technology act 2000.
  5. We promise to not disclose any of your personal information except in the situation where the legality arises due to any misbehave or false content or any other issues mentioned under criminal procedure code, Indian penal code, Information technology act or any other act relevant.
  6. We won't accept any breach of any sort of agreement made with us while accepting our services and it's a humble request to please comply with our basic procedures.
  7. We do not get into legality until there is invocation of some serious issues which can lead to defamation of our website or issues leading to criminal proceedings.
  8. We completely respect all the privacy of our employees and visitors using our services and assure them that their privacy is our primary concern.

For any other issues related to our website or privacy policy you may directly reach us by sending us an email on

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