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The best technology books, according to experts in their disciplines in robotics, computer science, game development, and ethics. There are also reading lists on subjects including internet history, video games, technological philosophy, applied mathematics, quantum computing, and quantum mechanics.You can share your thoughts at the Tech Write For Us category. 

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They are- 

Everybody wants to rule the world

This groundbreaking manual uses significant original research and case studies from Wang's renowned company, Constellation Research, to reveal which sorts of businesses will thrive and which will be wiped out by the powerful forces currently at work. After all is said and done, you'll have a greater knowledge of how the business world is changing in the face of intense competition and, more importantly, you'll discover how to alter right away to stay relevant and in demand. CIOs and IT leaders should read this book, according to Jonathan Feldman, the CIO of the City of Asheville in North Carolina and the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan CIO Impact Award. It lays down a framework for how to flourish in the new economy dominated by computer giants, despite the fact that it would seem as though they have the upper hand. 

Technology & Society: Second Edition

Writings by authors as different as Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain and Bruno Latour on the connections between technology, society, and morality. Decisions about technology development, funding, marketing, and use take values into consideration in addition to cost-benefit analyses. Technological advancement doesn't take place in a vacuum. To appropriately influence technological growth, we must first understand the intimate connection between technology and society. Numerous articles offer illustrations of the connections between technology, race, and gender. IT professionals can examine how people shape technology and how technology shapes people by reading this book, which gives futuristic perspectives ranging from technological utopias to cautionary tales. According to Virginia Tech's Gary Lee Downey, an alumni distinguished professor of science and technology studies, technology permeates our lives and is constantly infused with our ideas. 

Doing Agile Right: Transformation without Chaos

"Agile has the power to change work, but only when used correctly. Since decades, business executives have been painfully aware of this divide and have sought to create flexible, agile businesses. However, silos, laborious processes, and stalled innovation define their daily existence. The authors break down the actual workings of agile, show what to steer clear of, and explain why scaling agile right is crucial for reaping its advantages. This essay will demonstrate to CIOs the importance of balancing in order to sustain high levels of organisational agility. You'll learn about the misconceptions and urban legends that have surrounded agile's rise to stardom. Learn how to transform your company and outperform the competition by reading this book. 

The Bottom Line

In 2022, World Book Day will celebrate its silver anniversary. World Book Day changes lives by fostering a love of books and group reading. Its objective is to promote leisure reading. Here are 10 books on technology and engineering that we think you should read this year in light of this. 

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