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Today's population is less active, in part because technology has made life easier. We travel by automobile or by public transport. We wash our clothes in machines. In front of a computer or TV, we amuse ourselves. Fewer individuals are engaged in manual labour, and the majority of us have positions that require little physical exertion. Work, domestic duties, shopping, and other necessities are far less taxing now than they were in earlier generations. Compared to earlier generations, we move less and expend less energy. According to research, many folks spend more than 7 hours every day sitting down, whether it's at work, on the bus or in their own time. 

Tips for Fitness 

The Fitness Write For Us category is where you can share your thoughts about fitness. Some tips are- 

Just 5 minutes at first 

The length of your workout sessions can alter, just as your capacity to lift particular weights varies after a long hiatus. You might not be able to hold out as long in the beginning as you used to. There's no need to push yourself to lift weights for 30 minutes straight and run the risk of quickly becoming exhausted. You risk developing a muscle rupture, strain, or stress fracture if you try to make your workout last longer than your body can tolerate. For the first few weeks, you can start with just five minutes, then move up to 10 minutes and extend the time as you go. Create a flexible fitness schedule and follow it. 

Create some interest

Exercise is not always enjoyable, and if you are not prepared for the bad times, you might stop shortly. If you want to stay motivated after leaving the gym's four walls, it's best to keep things interesting. The key to happiness and fitness is variety. In other words, mixing up your exercise routine is a great way to make going to the gym enjoyable. You may, for instance, devote a few days to strength training rather than only doing cardio. Again, a gym teacher can assist you in developing the ideal routine and including the appropriate exercises in your training programme to add variety. You should also pick exercises that you enjoy performing. 

Get a partner for accountability

Working together with an accountability partner is a fantastic approach to maintain discipline and goal focus. This approach is helpful for physical activity and fitness, particularly when you try to get back into the game. An accountability partner is someone who is aware of your strategy for achieving a goal and who will support you in staying on course. In this scenario, your accountability partner will regularly solicit comments, inquire about your dedication to working out, and inspire you. Your accountability partner should ideally workout with you. When all you want to do is call a cab and go back home, they will nag you to keep jogging. Additionally, having a gym buddy removes the temptation to skip a workout and fail to live up to your commitment.  

The Bottom Line 

In terms of exercise, we consider how to "get" fit. However, beginning off isn't always the issue. According to Newcastle University's Falko Sniehotta, professor of behavioural medicine and health psychology, "the big problem is maintaining it." According to the official UK recommendations, adults should engage in strength training in addition to 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of intense activity per week.  

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