Top 5 Video Games


Top 5 Video Games


The process of compiling the greatest games of all time lists has always been the same: a group of video game journalists sit down and create a list that is essentially preset, a canonical hall of fame that tries to cover as many bases as possible. You can share your views with us on the Video Games Write For Us category. 

Top video games 

The top video games are- 

Papers, Please

A war-torn nation where you work as a border guard is constantly trying to sneak guns, drugs, and fake identification documents past you. But what about the mother and young child who went back to their relatives using a false passport? Or a refugee without documentation whom you may dismiss as a potential terrorist but who might actually be a helpless civilian? Papers, Please is a potent example of how we can support cruel regimes and how games can entice us to do so. 


Overwatch burst into the online gaming landscape in 2016 like a huge adorable robot bunny brandishing a hot pink grenade launcher after years of grim, military shooters packed with macho spec-ops nobodies. In this game, absurd hero characters band together to fight in brief team-based battles. It's all about combining the various skills, from Mei's endothermic blaster to Mercy's healing staff, in efficient combinations. There is no levelling up and no weapons unlocks. Overwatch, a popular video game known for its loud, vibrant visual, is Counter-Strike for the millennial generation. 

Silent Hill 

Konami's response to Resident Evil substituted psychological terror for zombie shocks. The most unsettling book in the series is the second one. The game centres on grieving commoner James Sunderland, who travels to the titular town in quest of his allegedly deceased wife. A slide into Sunderland's psychosexual disorder, a nightmare filled with animated storefront dummies, undead nurses, and the enormous fetishistic monster Pyramid Head are what come next. It evoked Japanese exploitation and horror films, and it had a gloomy effect on everyone involved. 

Assassin's Creed 2

Assassin's Creed 2 actually delivered on the rich historical adventure with an intriguing sci-fi overlay that the first game promised. The game's handsome assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, battles the evil templars while running across notable figures like Machiavelli and Leonardo da Vinci. It is set in a lavishly recreated recreation of Renaissance Italy. Modern open-world game design was influenced by the game's freeform design, abundance of side missions and objectives, and variety of skills and equipment.


After seeing the popularity of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, developer Epic Games decided to add its own battle royale option, allowing 100 players to land on an island and fight it out until only one survived. The game originally launched as a forgettable co-op zombie shooter in 2017. Fortnite, a vibrant, goofy game with silly clothing and contagious dancing moves, attracted more than 250 million players worldwide. It has been discussed everywhere, from Fox News to Avengers: Endgame, and it doesn't seem to be stopping down any time soon. 

The Bottom Line

Video Gamers decide to embrace chaos in its place. They chose to involve their friends in the decision-making process rather than randomly distribute Ocarina of Time, Dark Souls, and Ico over a lengthy list. Therefore, they provided a blank slate for the entire industry to develop their own standards for what constitutes "best."

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