6 Things you need to look for becoming an LGV Driver!


6 Things you need to look for becoming an LGV Driver!

The term LGV stands for Large Good Vehicles. In LGV Training you need to drive a truck and transport the goods to different locations. The main job of an LGV driver is a visit to the retailers and distributors centers to transport the goods. Also, an LGV driver should have some basic maintenance and repair skills so that they ensure that their vehicle is safe to run. They work for roadside assistance only.

It’s true that the job of a Lorry Driver is not for everyone as there are some certain characteristics that a driver should possess and these are:

1: They should love Driving.

2: Lorry Driver should have a lot of patience.

3: They need to be safety-oriented.

4: Driver should be comfortable with their own company for a longer period.

5: They should be self-motivated.

6: The driver should be in good physical condition.

Being an LGV Driver you will be required to drive heavy commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonnes that includes articulated lorries, tankers, transporters, etc. Also, the LGV drivers would work for distribution centers, ports, carrying goods, etc.

The duties of an LGV driver includes the following things: 

1: Planning delivery schedules and routes with transport managers.

2: Supervising in loading and unloading the goods.

3: Ensuring that the loads are safely secured.

4: Following the traffic reports and changing the route if find necessary.

5: The driver should complete delivering the paperwork and logbooks.

6: One should also deal with the basic maintenance like oil, tyre, and brake checks after and before the journey started.

As an LGV driver, you can expect a salary in the range of $18,500-$35,000

  • The starting salary that you will expect: Approx. $18,500 to $22,000
  • The Experienced one can get Approx. $23,000 to $28,000
  • The one who is Highly Experienced can expect: $27,000 to $35,000

Usually, being an LGV driver you need to work for up to 42 hours and also there are some strict laws for the number of hours that you can spend during the brakes. While undergoing HGV Training, you will be taught the same. As most of the time, the drivers need to spent the time on the road and sometimes they also need to drive day and night and in bad weather conditions too. The overnight stays will also become necessary for an LGV driver.

Things that you need to take care of as an LGV Driver:

1: Capability of working independently:

Well, having personal freedom is the main part of the attraction in LGV driving and especially long-distance driving. In this field, the drivers get a chance to spend some time alone. Also, they can have complete control of their own driving. So, if you are the kind of person who loves to do flowing conversation then this job is not meant for you.

Besides it, you also might struggle with this kind of career. So, it becomes important for LGV drivers to often spend time driving alone and one must be able to handle being by themselves and should take complete responsibility for the LGV vehicles and the goods they transport from one place to another. So, if you are looking to make a career in this field then you should have the ability to work independently.

2: Awareness matters:

However, if you are naturally aware of the things around you then driving Large Good vehicles will be no problem for you. If you are aware of all the things then it won’t be difficult to drive the large vehicles on narrow streets or anticipating the hazards like street pedestrians. One should be completely aware while driving heavy trucks on the road. It has been seen that most of the drivers soon get hang and they don’t know what’s going around their vehicle. So, it should be taking care of if you are looking for making a career in the LGV driving field.

3: One should be technically literate:

By technically literate we don’t mean that you should be a mechanic but you should carry some knowledge like changing the tyres, checking the brakes, and some other few things. Sometimes some unexpected things happen while you drive on the road. So, having technical knowledge and a reasonable understanding of your vehicle helps you to get out of the worse situations. Also, these skills will help you in recognizing the problems before they occur. So, you should take some action and save the time of lengthy delay while repairs take place.

4: Drive with a cool mind:

If you carry aggressive nature then this job is surely not the best move for you. While driving on the road one should be cool-minded and have the proper concentration when they are on the road. Also, being aggressive is not good for your health and an LGV driver should need to able and manage their anger.

Expecting the poor driving from other people and giving them the time and space will be good for you as well as for others. So, whenever you drive large vehicles on road you need to take care of one thing that you should drive with a cool mind. Also, this won’t create trouble for you and others who are driving on the same road as you.

5: Sense of Responsibility:

An LGV driver must possess a good sense of responsibility. As their work is to transport the goods from one place to another. So, they must have the responsibility to look after their work carefully. If you can take your responsibility carefully then you can make your career in this field. However, if you are careless and don’t take your responsibility seriously then this job is not for you.

6: Alertness:

If you choose this field then you must alert at all times. Also, you should be able to be quick to respond to the road and the driving conditions that you face. When you are on the road you must ensure that you can handle the tasks carefully. Also, it is a huge potential hazard that should be taken seriously. However, if sometimes drivers fall asleep at the wheel then it can cause serious damage to others on the road and also on the driver too. Hence, it should be remembered that when you drive the vehicles don’t drink and stay alert all time.

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