Atta and Fitness


Atta and Fitness


Due to its simplicity, flavour, and health benefits, the humble chapati is a staple in all Indian families. Even the thought of having dinners without the traditional and warm chapattis can seem inadequate. Neither the daal nor the gravy will taste the same without our beloved pal Chapati. The flour, which is frequently referred to as atta, is used to make chapatis. Since the beginning of time, atta has played a significant role in the preparation of numerous dishes. Although we consume it frequently, how many of us actually know about this beautiful natural element? There are various atta varieties available. Depending on your preference, you can purchase whole grain flour or multigrain atta. Share your views at the Submit Guest Post Fitness category.  

Benefits of Atta

They are- 

Cleanses the body

Because it purifies the blood and eliminates harmful pollutants that might result in symptoms like headaches, bloating, joint pain, lethargy, and depression, whole wheat flour is recognised as the best detox food. Because it includes fibre, which aids in the body's detoxification and encourages the maintenance of a healthy colon and gut, whole wheat is helpful for easing constipation. 

Strengthens mental health

The inclusion of vitamins B and E in whole wheat flour facilitates both the synthesis of energy and the preservation of healthy DNA. Since vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin and cannot be stored by the body, it must be taken on a daily basis to treat subclinical mental illness and inflammatory disorders of the brain. Increasing nerve function and treating and preventing disorders linked to memory loss and cognitive decline, vitamin E is a promising necessity. 

Controls PMS symptoms 

Magnesium, which decreases anxiety and pain associated with PMS symptoms, and vitamin B, which lessens PMS symptoms, are both found in whole wheat. Numerous research have looked at the positive effects of wheat germ components (vitamins B6 and E, calcium, and essential acids) on lowering PMS symptoms.  

Distributes fat

Wheat consumption can not directly cause weight loss, but studies suggests that it can assist lower body fat and alter how fat is distributed. One can prevent diabetes and central adiposity, or belly fat, by eating whole wheat flour. 

Decreases breast cancer risk

Wheat consumption has significantly decreased breast cancer by 41%. By consuming 30 grams of wheat per day, women can reduce their risk of breast cancer, and a diet high in fibre also protects pre-menopausal women from developing the disease.

The Bottom Line

Whole wheat flour is still favoured by Indian homes despite the notable rise in popularity of multigrain atta. Buy multigrain atta or quinoa flour online in addition to whole wheat. Given that consumers place a high importance on healthy eating and lifestyle choices, it is not surprising that multigrain atta has become more common. 

According to research, atta is the healthiest food available, and the benefits change depending on how it is ingested. Whole wheat flour and multigrain flour help diabetic individuals control their blood glucose levels and reduce their risk of heart disease because of their relatively low fat content. Whole wheat kernels, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, are stone-ground to produce whole wheat flour. 

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