How Vast is Food Industry in India


How Vast is Food Industry in India

We live in a generation where every industry gets developed with the time flow, so then why not the food industry? In today’s generation, you can easily see how many food items are available in the market. This is because the food market is very big and also it is very profitable. Food is the only thing we can prefer when we are going to celebrate something. Food is special because it is made by different countries with different cuisines. In India also, every state has its food for which that state is famous. Sometimes you see that so many states and districts are there in India, who are known for their best or special food. 

India is one of the big food industries and ranked on number 6th position worldwide. The food industry roams all around milk-related products. There are very big food markets that manufacture food for the needs of humans. So here further you will study how food industries contribute to India with their products, and also what are the top leading food industries in India. Now before proceeding further, you need to know that if you want to study more content related to Write for Us Food, then you will go through once and if you want to publish your article or blog for Write for us Food then you can easily publish your content on it. For more details kindly visit the official website of and you can also check the guidelines. 

There Are The Top 10 Food Industries in India

  • Amul: As you all know that it is the taste of India. They provide a lot of food products, such as milk, chocolates, dark chocolates, cheese, butter, ice creams, lassi, chaos etc. 
  • Hindustan Unilever: This industry provides only two types of foods like Lipton tea and bru coffee.
  • Vadilal: Spreading their food products such as frozen vegetables, ice creams and snacks around the world. 
  • Parle: It is an all-in-one food industry that provides foods like biscuits, data, cereals, toffees, nankeens, rusk, cake etc.
  • Britannia: It is the company that provides food like biscuits, cheese, cheese cubes, and some spreads like peanut spread and chocolate spread. 
  • Nestle: The leading company in India. As you all know that your favorite Maggie and your beloved chocolate KitKat are manufactured by Nestle. It has a total of four units in India. They provide food for babies, milk products, coffee, chocolates and maggie and milk itself. 
  • Cadbury: The most important thing is from the children’s point of view. This industry provides some chocolate powders and some kind of instant powder, they also provide dark chocolates and choco cake.
  • Haldiram’s: Manufactured the products like all types of namkeens which are very popular in India. They also provide you with food items like sweets, khatta meetha namkeen, navratan namkeen etc. 
  • Kissan: provides you fruit jam, sauces and their famous ketchup. This made the food delicious.
  • PepsiCo India: They provide you with the leading range of junk food, as you all are familiar with Lays. They used to manufacture food like lays chips, kurkure, Doritos and some beverages.

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