Understanding The Approach Of Various Types Of Ecommerce Platforms


Understanding The Approach Of Various Types Of Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce is an extensive approach which has had optimum exposure in recent times and which is something like non-stop in terms of success. The business channels which were never on virtual channels have started developing their virtual channel seeing the exposure of ecommerce.

Lets understand various types of e-commerce platform available to us:-

1. Business to consumer (B2C):

There are various ecommerce platforms which only deal with direct consumers that means their purpose is to make manufacturers, traders or direct sellers in direct connection with the consuming party that is the consumer.

For eg: Buying a dress from an online portal for own consumption is a business to consumer type of e-commerce platform.

Portals like myntra, amazon, flipkart and so on are common examples of business to consumer e-commerce platforms.

2. Business to Business (B2B):-

There are ecommerce platforms who do not do direct sale to consumers or end users and rather prefer maintaining a channel where they sell to people engaged in the business only. In such a business , manufacturers sell to traders or other people who are interested in selling further.

The main focus of such a platform is qty selling or bulk selling.

For example: Platforms like india mart, alibaba, exporter.com are the perfect examples of Business to Business(B2B) type of ecommerce platform.

3. Consumer To Consumer (C2C):-

This platform is made for making and building the relationship between consumers with each other for the purpose of selling the products and consuming the product. In this type of platform sale of products and services happen between the consumers.

For example: Ebay and Amazon offer such services.

These services can also be seen in selling old luxury products directly to other users through e-commerce platforms.

4. Direct to consumer (D2C):-

Now some of the manufacturers wants to cut off the middle man chain system for making their product reach to consumer which eventually make their product expensive as well and also it reduces the margin of the manufacturer and because of it a newer channel has been introduced which is known as D2C in this channel of ecommerce platform manufacturer directly sales their products and services to the consuming person or the end user.

For example: Dollar shave club, netflix and so on.

5. Consumer to Business (C2B):-

This changes and reverses the model of basic selling as in this system of ecommerce platform a consumer develops their products and services and further sales into the business or selling authority and they are the buyers of these consumers.

6. Business To Administration (B2A):-

These are the ecommerce platforms which are designed for the purpose of making relationships between online business and administration. They are usually working on legal documents, security things and so on.

7. Consumer To Administration (C2A):-

It is almost similar to the B2A platform. The only difference between both platforms is that in the C2A platform consumers make working relationships with administration.

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