How Health Is Been Managed By The Musicians And Singers


How Health Is Been Managed By The Musicians And Singers

A good health is a must attained job for all the profession and singers & musicians are not even behind in this job as they are even quite concerned aabout their health as bad health can give major impact on their career and working ability and therefore they do lot of things to maintain their health in this career oriented world where career is one of the most important aspect for everyone.

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The things musicians and singer do for attainment of good health:-

Singers are quite concerned and procured about their voice quality and their work and musicians are concerned regarding their power to play for which a person need good health as while singing a person need to hold their throat issues and need to have good thought for which they do lot of things and few of the below mentioned are certain things which they do for maintaining a good health:-

  1. Sonu Nigam: In one of the Interviews Sonu Nigam has recently said that for maintaining his career and health well being he likes doing regular workout and traveling so that he can maintain the power in his voice which has been loved by the people and hit the soul of the people.
  2. Jubin Nautiyal: He is conscious about his eating habits and maintains a disciplined healthy eating habit with primarily focused on proper nutrition and hydration in his diet. He believes in maintaining his fitness with a proper walking schedule and short workout for him to stay healthy, fit and can concentrate on his career well.
  3. Shilpa Rao: Being a vocalist Shilpa always works on her health and for maintaining it she maintains a proper sleep schedule for keeping herself healthy and making her voice charming. In the busy schedule of her work life she makes herself in a manner that she manages to sleep in flight, car and also basic short naps in the hotels.
  4. Sheykhar Ravjiani: This famous musician and singer is quite strict about his diet and loads up himself in terms of food with more of protein intake and carbs intake and majorly works on hydration for his voice and singing quality and effectiveness.
  5. Shaan: He keeps maun vrat in the morning to make his voice quality better during concerts, stage performance or recording. He believes in good sleep for good health and work and follows this agenda in his life.

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