Types Of Wood Used In Making The Furniture


Types Of Wood Used In Making The Furniture

Oak: This type of wood is quite famous for making the wooden furniture as it has been said that this type of wood has great strength, durability and makes furniture with great weight and that's why furniture made up of this wood is extremely durable and great.

Teak: We know the fact that the biggest disadvantage of wooden furniture is its heat irritability and it catches heat and gets issues and whereas teak wood furniture is famous as it has fire resistance and its long lasting. That is the major reason this quality of wood is being used mostly for making wooden furniture.

Cedar: This type of wood belongs to the ciferous family and that is one of the reasons the people who are looking forward to making soft wooden furniture with aromatic fragrance generally use this type of wood for making the furniture. This furniture is usually reddish in color and can be spotted a lot of times for making the furniture.

Maple: Isn't the word maple wood furniture quite famous for us? Yes, maple wood is fine wood which is available in both hard and soft wood depending on the texture. It is famous for making furniture because it gives the furniture good strength, hardness and a little bit of shrinkness. This wood is used mostly for the purpose of flooring and it has been considered best in the case of flooring.

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Walnut: This type of wood is generally very hard, tense, highly polishable and tight grained. The furniture made up of this type of wood looks quite attractive as this type of wood is usually deep rich brown in color and has swirls and grain patterns as a texture built in it. This type of wood furniture is quite durable and looks very elegant and beautiful.

Pine: There is probably no one who has not heard the name of pine wood which has been used for making furniture. Pine is a softwood and also this is light in color with lightweight properties. It is preferred wood for furniture by many carpenters for developing furniture like cupboards, cabinets and so on.

There are many more types of woods available in the market such as cherry, rosewood, ash, plywood, salwood and so on.

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