The Growth And News About Gaming Industry Across The World


The Growth And News About Gaming Industry Across The World

We are well aware of the growth happening into the gaming industry. The United states of america has almost 65 percent of its population who are engaged in playing video gaming which can be on any medium either on mobile phones, gaming console, computer system or any other medium related to gaming and therefore seeing the extraordinary growth in this industry. The developments are there which is like bringing new games,     introducing gaming on new channels or by new companies and many more. Therefore, here we would like to highlight few of the news related to gaming industry of the current time which are as follows:-

  1. Playstation is being launched soon with its new module in the year 2024 with new lay off and better technology version. Apart from Playstation there are other six granule versions of gaming as well which are on the pipeline to launch in the year 2024.
  2. Asus rog ally in an open box can be brought up in $200 now so gaming people who love this device this is your deal.
  3. The gaming company Electronic arts is going through losses and therefore have announced major layoffs in their company and also canceled their scheduled launch of the game star wars.
  4. Google genie with the technology interface of artificial intelligence has bought up new AI Output resembling video games. This step is going to take the gaming industry to a different stage.
  5. An exclusive and great deal with a good profit margin has recently happened in the gaming industry of the game” star wars jedi: survivor to dead space”.
  6. The company Nintendo has delayed the releasing date of their gaming product nintendo 2. The official confirmation of the same is yet to come and it is currently considered as a rumor in the gaming industry.
  7. One has a massive opportunity for grabbing an open box atari game console at a discount of 30 percent.
  8. A new product of HP which is a gaming laptop is available in the market at a discount of $300.
  9. The game “elden ring” is soon launching its version which can now finally be played on the mobile phones.

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