The Top 6 Localities in Assam for the Home Township


The Top 6 Localities in Assam for the Home Township

If you are searching for the best localities for peaceful living then why not Assam? Here you will get the list of those places where you can easily live a peaceful lifestyle. Also, you can take many ideas for a perfect living lifestyle from the Write for Us Home blog posts.


A prestigious residential and commercial community, Guwahati, Beltola is located next to the Dispur Capital Complex. Known for its distinctive local products and historical value, this region is home to the twice-weekly Beltola Bazaar, which is a remnant of the Ahom era.

Beltola is a hallmark for the entire northeast region, thriving today as a developing residential and commercial centre that is home to educational institutions like Beltola College and an anticipated Twin Tower World Trade Centre project.

Pan Bazaar

Located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Pan Bazaar is a neighbourhood in Guwahati, India, well-known for its assortment of cultural, religious, and administrative structures. It is a major publishing and printing centre as well as a large shopping district, especially for food and books. 


Ganeshguri, named after Lord Ganesh, was once a part of the Heramba empire and is today an important area of Guwahati, Assam. Originally ruled by Dununtrarāi, the Lord of Hedamba, Ganeshguri is now a thriving commercial centre inside the capital complex.

This lively neighbourhood offers a variety of shops, ranging from clothing to home décor, along with a wide range of dining alternatives, such as well-known fast-food chains and locally owned restaurants. Beyond just business, Ganeshguri is a vibrant destination for locals and tourists alike because of its cultural significance and iconic sites like the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre.

Six Mile

Situated in the centre of Guwahati, Six Mile is a much-desired sanctuary that skillfully combines comfort, accessibility, and practicality. This quickly growing neighbourhood offers a variety of properties, from large apartments to commercial spaces, to suit a variety of lifestyles.

With great access to major metropolitan centres including the airport and train station, Six Mile guarantees an easy urban lifestyle. This area, which is surrounded by reputable hospitals, schools, and parks, is more than just a place to live—it's a thriving community where calm and city life coexist.


Hatigaon is a flourishing area in Guwahati that skillfully blends the allure of traditional culture with the energy of modern living. Tucked away in the city centre, Hatigaon has a varied residential setting that appeals to middle-class and upper-class buyers.

With its top-notch connectivity and home to prestigious universities like Gauhati University and Assam Downtown University, this area is a student's paradise. Hatigaon exemplifies the ideal fusion of contemporary convenience and classic charm, with its vibrant markets, open green areas like Hatigaon Field, and friendly locals.


For almost 1.5 million people, Kahilipara in Guwahati is like a warm and welcoming home. It is located close to the Paltan Bazar railway station and the Guwahati Airport. Imagine this: plenty of parking spots, calm, green surroundings, and well-kept roads.

Being close to vital things is more significant than simply having a roof over your head when you live in Kahilipara. The location is well-connected, there are excellent schools close by, and access to healthcare is very convenient.

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