The World's Biggest Pizza Food Chains Across The World


The World's Biggest Pizza Food Chains Across The World

The source of pizza must be in napoli, Italy but it is one of the most loved foods of the people across the world. Seeing the popularity and crazy taste of this food item many people across the world have given the thought of starting up a chain of pizza outlets. Currently there are more than lakhs of pizza outlets running across the world. Few of the pizza food chain is one of the most running fast food chain businesses of that country and If talking about scenario in india with respect to food industry pizza chains are among leading chains in terms of earning the money.

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Indian people love eating Italian food and not only Indians, people from the United states of america, spain and many more countries have pizza as one of their favorite food cuisines.

The biggest pizza food chains are:

  • Dominos: The taste we eat of domino's pizza in India is not the same in other countries. Domino’s is an American pizza food outlet brand which is running across the world successfully. Currently in India Dominos is one of the highest grossing pizza food brands. They have various varieties of pizza and keep on introducing new styles of pizza. This pizza food chain also has other options of food such as pasta, garlic bread sticks and so on. Along with that they also offer food items such as choco lava cake, butterscotch mousse cake and many more.
  • Pizza hut: This pizza food chain is among the first food chain to introduce their line of pizza in india and have mind blowing pan pizza at that time which have ranged since that time. They are also an american based pizza brand and serve thick crust american style pizza.
  • Pizza express: This is a premium style pizza food chain which is often loved by the people who are gushing over thin crust pizza. They have mind blowing pizza and apart from pizza they also serve other food items such as pasta, cheesecake and so on.
  • The pizza company: This is even quite a famous food outlet for pizza lovers which is available in various major cities of India and their style of pizza is often loved by various people of India and is among the profitable pizza chains in india.

Apart from the food chain, pizza is often served in all the major restaurants, lounges and hotels of India and is loved a lot.

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